Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away,

On my way to...Spring! Well Spring has sprung at the Ahl-Tyvand household. At least in the form of uninhibited toddler energy. George doesn't seem to know what to do with all his energy. It comes out in the form of running, kicking, hitting, jumping, climbing, and yes dancing. Once the sun is up he asks to go outside. So here are some pics of George enjoying spring.

Here's to more days like this.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sara's Surprise

Well two weekends ago we all went on extended weekend vacations, however not together. While Adrian and his friend Andy went to Portland for some March Madness, George and I decided to drop in on a friend. My friend Sara moved back to Spokane last summer and I hadn't seen her since then and it was her birthday on Saturday. (I know a lot of people born in the month of March.) So with Adrian out of town it was a great time for a road trip! Ok I don't really recommend road trips with toddlers, but luckily I picked up Janette in Ellensburg on the way to Spokane. And about an hour outside of Spokane it became her job to keep George happy and entertained while I drove. Thanks so much Janette! Without you I would of been quite harried mess upon my arrival.

Let's back up a little. Ok so it's my girlfriends birthday who lives in the Eastside of the state, why am I picking someone up in the middle of the state and how is it that we suprised her? Well Sara, Janette, and I all lived in the same sorority at the University of Washington, Alpha Xi Delta. We get to see each other a few times a year since we all live in different parts of Washington. With this long and bad winter it had been quite awhile, and I was missing my friends. Hence time to get out on the road. As for the surprise part I enlisted Sara's husband, Josh, to help us out and make sure they didn't already have plans for the weekend. Turns out they're getting old like me and didn't have any out of town plans. Yeah, mission Sara's surprise is now in the works. Next I get our friend Janette on board with the surprise and plan the trip. With only a few delays, Janette's office trying to make her work more than a half day at the last minute and me taking the wrong exit in Spokane we pull it off!

Janette and I were impressed that Sara had no idea that we were coming. Usually she gets everything out of Josh. And with our added delays we were sure she was grilling him as to why he was going to be home late that day, plus still wanting to make a nice dinner. Her reaction was the best. We followed Josh to their place and he had us ring the doorbell for Sara to answer. At first she just looks confused then the joy sets in with her jumping and all.

George, again, got to help with opening of presents.

Sorry to say it's just more clothes buddy. Yes grown-ups get boring gifts.

Surprise number 2, ice cream cake!

The weekend was mostly about friends catching up with each other, and George chasing Eddie, Sara and Josh's dog. Eddie did well with George but after about 10 minutes you could tell the dog had had enough and didn't know how to get away from him. Since Saturday was Sara's birthday we did what she wanted. Some how this turned into house tours for us. First we went to Josh's parent's house for brunch. This included another dog for George to chase and some outside time. Then it was onto Sara's parent's house for a nice visit and lunch. For George with included lots of running up and down the stairs and wrestling with Josh. Thanks for keeping the little guy entertained! Then a quick drive-by of Sara's brother's new house. Once back to their home we snuggled down for some Husky Hoops. Sadly the outcome was not what we were hoping for.

Josh, AKA The Man, and some pretty ladies.

Saturday evening included dinner out in downtown Spokane, some parking garage fun, and a movie at home, while Sara and Josh enjoyed a Gala event. So they are a little bit more exciting than me, but they are still a few years younger. Sunday was the drive home which luckily was less event full then the drive to Spokane. And that was my weekend road trip with George. As for Adrian you'll have to ask him how his weekend went. Though if you follow college hoops then you'll know the answer to that question.

Updated picture of the ladies, Janette, Sara, and me (Carolyn)

Sunday, March 29, 2009


This year George's Great Grandma Doris turned 90. We celebrated with her a few weekends ago. There was lots of family there that I hadn't seen in years, and many of whom their names I didn't know. Somehow they seemed to remember mine. I think it was the work of my mother reminding everyone of each other. It seemed to be a great day for Doris. George of course helped her open gifts.

Though he doesn't understand why anyone would want clothes as a gift when there are so many toy cars out there.

Doris and her younger sisters, Margaret and Irene.

The Johnson family, Doris, Janis, Judith, and John

With the grand kids, Katie, Carolyn, and Olivia.

Congrats to Doris on her 90 years of life! I only hope I can live that long.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Wednesday was my 31st birthday. To celebrate we went out to dinner Saturday night with my family. As you can see I went for a drink that matched my outfit. No I can't remember what it's called, or what's in it, but it sure was tastie.

Dinner was at the restaurant Standford's in the Northgate mall. Food was good but the service was slow, so I don't think we'll be heading back anytime soon. Mostly because George doesn't get the concept of waiting. When we were waiting to be seated he kept saying "me wait a minute." Of course he said this multiple times a minute and again when we were waiting for our food to arrive. Now I understand why places like Red Robin bring your food out so quickly, it's to keep your kids happy.
Below is how George entertained himself as the evening went on. Dipping his straw in Papa's drink and then drinking from the straw. He was quite proud of himself for figuring this out. And for getting out of the strap on his highchair.

Updated picture of me and my sisters, Katie and Olivia. It's been too long since we've had one taken of just us. I think it was like 6-7 years ago at a Husky football spring game.

As for my birthday, I spent it at work. I know that sounds really sad doesn't it? Though I did get to look forward to the surprise I would receive once I got home. Adrian had made me a cake and had my gifts waiting for me at the table. George was so excited that as soon as he heard me he started yelling about birthday cake. And that was really nice to come home to.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sometimes you just gotta dance

George loves to dance, and we thought we'd share his joy with you all. He gets his moves from his mother, and his taste in music from his father. Enjoy!